Monday, June 30, 2008

Things to do before I die

So I was rather bored during my layover in Phoenix this morning, so I created the ultimate list of my adventures and goals for the future.

Visit the Great Wall of China
Visit Tokyo
Write a book
Create a comic book
Create a film
Create a website/magazine
See Sigur Ros live
Bungee jump
Learn to play piano
Learn to bartend
Learn a second language
Attend the Cannes Film Festival in France
Compete in a Video Game Tournament (either Halo or Gears of War)
Storm out of a job exclaiming, "I quit"
Live in another country
The Bull Run
Kiss someone on New Year's (I know, how sad)
Participate in a protest rally
Take a piss on the Hollywood sign


BJ said...

Sigur Ros is coming to Red Rocks(perhaps the best concert venue in america...ask Garret) in September. You should fly out and see them with me, garret and others.

Tim Posada said...

you have no idea how tempting that is. Maybe if classes permit it.